In short

Precisely control the Local Contrast boost and add a distinctive 3D look to your images. Use it in Basic mode with just one easy parameter, or in Advanced mode with multiple Radii – a technique inspired by Octave Sharpening.

Basic RadiusHow Local you want theContrast boost to be:Large Radius -> Global ContrastSmall Radius -> Local Contrast IntensityHow strong the Contrast will be Before / AfterEffect's preview ON/OFF Info / GuideGet support, open the Guide Apply / CancelApply or Cancel the Plugin
Advanced RadiiEach Radius will addan extra round of ALCEon top of the others (up to 4) Drag to zero to deactivate IntensitiesFor each individual roundHint: don't exaggerate! Radii spacing / sortingEvenly space radiiSord DescendingSord Ascending Global IntensityControl the strengthof the combined effect

More about Local Contrast

Everything you need to know about Global and Local Contrast in this short and light-hearted video that I’ve recorded for the previous version – concepts still apply 100%.


Forgive me for being heavy-handed, it’s hard to appreciate the level of increased Local Contrast on a website.

Image by Pezibear from Pixabay

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Photoshop 2021+ only
Mac & Windows
1 license, 2 computers