In short

Double USM is about Sharpening, i.e. all the tricks we use to turn blurry images into sources of glorious detail. All sharpening filters in Photoshop inject artificial halos but can’t discriminate between dark and light ones – they’re created equal. Not-so-cool, as Photoshop Hall of Fame’s Dan Margulis found out pooling hundreds of professionals: light halos are the main“oversharpening” cause. Double USM to the rescue. You’re allowed to control Amount, Radius and Threshold for Dark and Light Halos independently. Better, sharper images!

The Plugin Dark ControlsUsed to set Amount,Radius and Threshold forDark Halos' UnSharp Mask Light ControlsUsed to set Amount,Radius and Threshold forLight Halos' UnSharp Mask PresetsSelect one of the availablebuilt-in presets, or createand manage your favorites PreviewSwitch ON/OFF the previewor selectively enableLight Halos, Dark Halos or both Tonal Range ProtectionMask out Sharpeningin the Highlights, Midtonesor ShadowsIf not visible, make the Plugin taller and it'll appear Action ButtonsApply the effect, Resetaccess Documentation, Support

More about Sharpening

Everything you need to know about halos in this short and light-hearted video that I’ve recorded for the previous version – concepts still apply 100%.


Forgive me for being heavy-handed, it’s hard to appreciate the level of increased Sharpening on a website.

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Double USM


Photoshop 2021+ only
Mac & Windows
1 license, 2 computers